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Lisa Zeiner - Environmental Health Specialist
Darrell Brackney - Environmental Health Specialist

On-Site Sewage Disposal

The Putnam County Health Department enforces all state and local rules governing on-site sewage disposal with the goal of safeguarding public health and assuring that residential and commercial on-site sewage disposal systems (septic systems) in Putnam County are properly permitted, installed, maintained and operated in an environmentally safe manner. To view the state rule, local ordinance, or for information on obtaining and installing a septic system in Putnam County, click on the links at the right.
A properly functioning septic system will increase the value of your home, and benefit your neighborhood, community, and the environment. A poorly functioning or failing septic system can be foul smelling and unsightly, and can contaminate well water and surface waters with disease causing pathogens and nitrates.
Contact the PCHD Environmental Section if you plan on building a new house, add on to an existing house, or repair or upgrade an existing septic system. A permit from this office must be obtained before any construction begins on a septic system and is required prior to obtaining a construction permit from the Putnam County Planning and Zoning Office.

Food Safety

The PCHD is responsible for permitting and inspecting all retail food establishments operating in the county and enforcing Indiana's Retail Food Establishment Sanitation Requirements and Putnam County's own local Retail Food Ordinance. PCHD's permanent food establishment permits are divided into two categories: establishments with less than twenty employees and establishments with twenty or more employees. PCHD also issues bed and breakfast permits, catering permits and mobile food unit permits. To view the state rule, the county rule or other food related information please click on the links at the right.

Swimming Pool Safety

The PCHD is responsible for permitting and inspecting public and semi-public swimming pools and enforcing Indiana's Swimming Pool Rule and the county's local swimming pool ordinance. Operators of public and semi-public pools are required to submit weekly water samples to insure continued safe operation of pools. Operators should also note the requirements of the federal Virginia Graeme Baker Pool Act and the Federal Swimming Pool and Spa Drain Cover Standard that went into effect on December 19, 2008. For further information on pool safety and operation click on the links at the right.

Complaint Investigation

Putnam County Health Department investigates complaints of an environmental nature such as illegal dumping, open burning, homes that are unfit for human habitation, and other public health related issues. We will also investigate complaints regarding food and swimming pool safety. We will only respond to written complaints filed with our office. You may call our office at (765) 658-2782 for a copy of the complaint form. Complete the form and return it in to our office if you would like to file a complaint. All of the complainants information will remain confidential unless and until a subpoena is issued by a judge in cases that go to court.

Please view the ordinances listed to insure that the complaint you would like to file can be addressed by the Health Department. Also, if the property is within the corporate limits of any municipality within Putnam County your complaint may need to be filed with that governing body.

Fee Schedule

Septic Permit New & Repair
Septic Search
Re-submit Septic Permit
Bed & Breakfast Permit
Catering ONLY Permit
Mobile Food Unit Permit
Non-Profit Food Permit
Permanent Food Establishment Permit (less than 20 Employees)
Permanent Food Establishment Permit (20 Employees or more)
ServSafe Class
ServSafe Book
ServSafe Test Only
Temporary Food Establishment
Late Fee
Non-Profit Pool Permit
Pool Permit (less than 8 months)
Pool Permit (8 months or more)
Non Sufficient Funds Fee


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