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Pandemic Flu preparedness calendar (preparedness for any type of disaster)

(Amount of food and water may need to be increase for multiple family members)

Prepared by: Putnam County Health Department

Week 1

Grocery Store

    1 gal. water*

    1 sm jar peanut butter*

    1 lrg can juice*

    hand-operated can opener

    instant coffee, tea, powdered soft drinks

    permanent marking pen

    1 gal of water per pet


 Also:  pet food, diapers, and/or baby food if needed.

    Make a family plan.


    Date each perishable food item using marking pen


    Identify tornado shelter areas in your home & at work.


Week 2

Hardware Store

    Crescent wrench

    Heavy rope

    Duct tape

    2 flashlights with batteries

    "bungee" cords



Also:  a leash or carrier for your pet, if needed.



    Check your house for hazards.  Secure loose objects that may fly.


    Locate your gas meter and water shutoffs and attach a wrench near them for emergency use.

Week 3

Grocery Store

    1 gal. water*

    1 can fruit*

    1 can meat*

    sanitary napkins

    video tape

    1 gallon of water per pet



Also:  pet food, diapers, and/or baby food if needed.


    Use a video camera to tape the contents of your home for insurance purposes


    Store tape with family/friend that lives out of town.

Week 4

Hardware Store

    Plumber's tape


    Smoke detector with battery



Also:  extra medications or a prescription marked "emergency use" if needed



    Install or test your smoke detector



Week 5

Grocery Store

    1 gal water*

    1 can fruit*

    1 can meat*

    1 can vegetables*

    2 rolls toilet paper*

    extra toothbrush*

    travel size toothpaste


Also:  special food for special diets, if needed


    Identify an outside meeting location for Fire Emergencies


    Make sure all family members know the meeting location

    Have a fire drill at home.


Week 6

First Aid Supplies

    Aspirin and/or acetaminophen


    Rolls of gauze or bandages

    First aid tape

    Adhesive bandages- assorted sizes


Also:  extra hearing aid batteries, if needed


    Check with your child's day care or school to find out about their disaster plans


    Have a tornado drill at home




Week 7

Grocery Store

    1 gal. water*

    1 can ready to eat soup*

    1 can fruit*

    1 can vegetables*


Also:  extra plastic baby bottles, formula and diapers, if needed


    Establish an out-of-state contact to call in case of emergency.


Week 8

First Aid Supplies





    Liquid hand soap

    Disposable hand wipes

    Sewing kit


Also:  Extra eyeglasses, if needed.

    Place a pair of shoes and flashlight under your bed so that they are handy during an emergency


Week 9

Grocery Store

    1 can ready to eat soup*

    Liquid dish soap

    Plain liquid bleach

    Heavy duty garbage bags


Also:  saline solution and a contact lens case, if needed.



    Send some of your favorite family photos (or copies) to family members out of state for safekeeping.

Week 10

Hardware Store

    Waterproof portable plastic container (with lid) for important papers

    Portable AM/FM radio (with batteries)

    Purchase a NOAA weather radio/receiver

Also:  blankets or sleeping bag for each family member


    Make photocopies of important papers and store safely.

Week 11

Grocery Store

    1 lrg can juice*

    large plastic food bags

    1 box quick energy snacks

    3 rolls paper towels


Also:  sunscreen, if needed

    Store a roll of quarters for emergency phone calls.


    Go on a hunt with your family to find a pay phone near home.

Week 12

First Aid Supplies

    Anti-diarrhea medicine

    Rubbing alcohol

    Latex gloves (or nitrile)

    Syrup of Ipecac and activated charcoal



Also:  items for denture care, if needed


    Take your family on a field trip to gas and water meter shut off valves.  Show them what to do in an emergency.

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