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Tobacco Intervention

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Tobacco Cessation Programs offered at the Putnam County Hospital

Putnam County Health Department, Putnam County Hospital and St. Francis Health have partnered together to offer two programs to help break free of tobacco.

To help Putnam County residents break free from tobacco addiction and move toward a healthier lifestyle we are offering two programs:

ASPIRE is a multifaceted tobacco cessation program that uses a non-judgmental and personalized approach to help individuals:
  • Find renewed confidence in your ability to quit.
  • Develop a personalized quit plan.
  • Manage withdrawal symptoms.
  • Learn to cope with your triggers to smoke.
  • Learn new skills to remain tobacco free.
The ASPIRE program includes individual counseling sessions, group education and access to support groups. Each of these components are offered at the Putnam County Hospital via a video link with an ASPIRE counselor.

In addition to the ASPIRE program you are encouraged to sign up with the INDIANA QUIT LINE for afterhours support. Kicking the tobacco habit doesn't stop at 5pm, having 24 hour a day support is essential to your success in breaking free from tobacco. Also for those who utilized the INDIANA QUIT LINE and qualify, smoking cessation products are available.

The ASPIRE program is FREE to all Putnam County residents, courtesy of the Putnam County Health Department and as always the INDIANA QUIT LINE is FREE to all Indiana residents.

To learn more about the programs stop by the Putnam County Health Department located inside the Putnam County Hospital in Suite 1500 (next to Physical Therapy). We can make your referrals for you or you can call: ASPIRE at 317-528-7848 and INDIANA QUIT LINE at 1-800-Quit-Now
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