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Vital Records

Joni Young - Registrar
The Vital Records division is charged with the registration, maintenance and issuance of birth and death records for Putnam County. This office provides certified copies of birth and death records for events occurring in Putnam County and is available from 1882 to present.

A certified birth certificate is the legal registration of a birth and is only issued by county or state government. Persons must obtain their birth certificate from the county or state in which they were born.

A certified record of death can only be obtained from the county in which the individual passed away, no matter where he/she was buried. Costs for obtaining birth/death certificates and application procedures may vary from one Health Department to another.

How to obtain a birth and death certificates

Fee Schedule

Vital Records Fees
Affidavit of Correction
Certified Birth Certificate
Certified Death Copies
Correction Fee - Death Certificate
Geneaology Birth and Death Search / per person
Notary Service
Paternity Affidavit
Protective Pouch for Birth Certificate
Re-submit Death Certificates
Non Sufficient Funds Fee



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